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Tig touch up on parts that are on a cnc lathe

we do repair work where at times a part is in a CNC lathe and needs to be touched up a bit, instead of removing the part from the CNC lathe to do touch up with Tig, we would like to leave in the holder and do the tig touch up right there, in order to save alot of time in set up, what safety precautions are needed to do this.


Well, first the safety portion...the lathe needs to be locked out so there is no possibility of it running.

as far as damaging the computer with high frequency from the welder, there is always using lift arc function where the tungsten is touched to start the arc.
a small piece of copper can be taped right next to the weld area as a place to touch off to start the arc.

high frequency welding current risks damaging computers...thats a known fact..

its been done plenty of times with no issues but there is always a risk of harming cnc equipment..

the lift arc is less risky and with a copper starting block, wont contaminate the part either.

new inverter tig machines most come with a lift arc function but not all.

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