tig weld 1/8"rods together for sculpture models

by Sculptor TW62
(midcoast maine)

i have to fab ss sculpture models for proposals. have thermal arc 185 gtws inverter... suggestions on set up for welding light gage ss and rods usually 1/16 to 1/8" diameter to .015 -.030 stainless sheet usually 304, 316
thanks, sculptor, TW62


i hope you have a remote amperage control. i think you will need one for thin stuff like that.

just set the machine to tig process and amperage to a about 1 amp per thousandths of the thicker member of what you are welding.
you may not need all that, but you can control with the pedal.

for stainless, you should experiment with tight fitups and short bursts of amperage for your tacking.

here is a link to a page where a guy tacks stainless like described.

tacking stainless steel

if your machine has 2t and 4t switch, use 2t.
it should not matter with a remote pedal plugged in but just to be sure, use 2t.

preflow should should not be necessary or set it to less than half a second.

postflow set to around 5 seconds.

all the othe stuff like upslope downslope etc should be bypassed with the foot pedal. but just in case, set upslope and downslope to zero.

not knowing any more about your application, thats about all i can do for now.


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