Tig Welding 1/8" Aluminum

by Dan

Hi Jody, Love your site and videos!

Just looking for a few suggestions on tigging aluminum.

I am not a welder by trade but enjoy fabricating.

I own a synchrowave 350 LX though and I use a foot pedal.
It also has pulse up to 10 only I think as it was the one just before the Dynasty.

I am welding diamond plate 1/8" and I am having a little trouble getting my welds perfect.

They have however come a long way.

On starting a corner weld some times I get a very slight burn through on the backside.

I am using 125 amps and I am trying to work the rod in there
quickly to help temper the heat.

I have tried to cut the foot pedal back a bit after a second or two and that seems to help.

Clamping and minimizing gaps where possible.

Just wondering if there is something else I could be doing.
Maybe its just more practice!

I love the finger shield idea and will be ordering some soon!


You are on the right track.

make sure to be easy on the amperage while you are joining the 2 pieces together. Once you get both pieces joined , then you can step in and get moving.
A little burn thru on the back side is not usually a problem, in fact, sometimes its a very good thing to let you know you are getting good enough penetration.


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