Tig welding brass

by Tony
(Tamworth, Australia)

Hi Jody
Do you have any videos or tutorials on welding techniques for welding/brazing brass using the tig process.


Tony, I dont have anything formal, but I have the best luck with tig on a/c , pulsing at about 20 pps ..about 60 % EN (if you have ac balance)
and also pulsing with the pedal just enough to flow the puddle using silicon bronze rod.

also, i use 50/50 argon helium.

The problem is the zinc. by the time you get a puddle, the zinc outgasses and makes a white chalky mess...so you kind of need to sneak up on it and keep the arc in the silicon bronze puddle and not on base metal.

maybe some other readers have some tips for tig welding brass..


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