Gravy Tig Welding part 2

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This is part 2 of gravy tig welding.

part 1 is right here in case you missed it

I am wrapping up this job and welding the second flange piece on these 50 parts.

And while using pulse settings of 50% pulse time, 40%  background, and 1.5pps worked nicely at 210 amps, I decided to use a welding technique known as "walking the cup" for the rest of the welds.

so I turned the pulse off, and lowered the amperage to around 185 amps.

Using 1/8" (3.2mm) er70s2 wire and 185 amps, walking the cup worked out very nice.

Feeding the wire for Tig Welding

How to train that other hand to feed the wire.

When you first learn to Tig weld, usually you weld beads without filler metal before doing anything else.

then you put a filler wire in the other hand and it seems like that filler wire hand is always behind the 8 ball.

So if you are serious about upping your TIG game, get some practice on the couch.

Heres How...

Next time your significant other wants to watch something on TV that you have no interest in, just grap your piece of Tig wire and start practicing.

it might seem stupid, but it will pay big dividends in the long run because the repetition of feeding wire on the couch will be like riding a bicycle for you for the rest of your life.

Walking the cup

Walking the cup is a weldng technique that is most used for welding pipe.

But it can also be used for other things.  especially round parts.

When I worked as a boilermaker, I never walked the cup.

When I worked as a pipe welder, I walked the cup all the time.

then , I transitioned into the aerospace industry and never walked the cup at all.

Then, I started doing side jobs for a job shop and then only occassionally, walked the cup when it made sense.

A while back I welded some stainless steel journals into some shafts and walking the cup seemed like a no brainer on that job.

And today, I am welding a similar part on a turntable.

Since my positioner is limited to about 1 rpm, tig welding using the "walking the cup" technique goes at just about the right speed to keep up with the positioner.

Now I realize that most welders do not have a positioner.

No prob...

All the techniques shown in the video work just fine without one.

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1.5pps, 50% pulse time, 40% background, 190 amps

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