Tig Welding Stainless handrails

I have been mig welding for about 6 years. I own a custom fab shop and have been doing more and more handrails. Recently I have been needing to build stainless steel handrails. I have been reading on stainless tig welding but am wondering if I could get a crash course or anything that I might need to know. Will I need to fill the inside of the post with gas to weld the toprail on? What type of tig is worth buying? Welding would be on site for construction of post tension cable rail. Know that this is vague but any info will help thanks.


Tig welding stainless tubing always goes better with argon backing.

but..i would say that very few contractors use argon backing for handrails.

it really slows things down.

Check your code, and satisfy your conscience but at the end of the day, you also need to compete.

Remember this, the better the fitup, the less the need for any shielding on the back.
If the fit is right, its a fillet weld and shielding the back should not be an issue.



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