Tig Welding Supplies

Tig Welding Gloves

There are a handful of Tig Welding supplies that you really need to get started. First of all, You definitely need some good Tig Welding gloves. Not garden gloves from Home Depot,,. Tig Welding gloves that are so soft you can pick up a dime. They really make a difference in being able to feed the filler rod. How you gonna Tig weld if you cant feed the filler rod??

2% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes...as good as thoriated without the Radioactive thorium

I stuck with 2% thoriated for a long time. It worked great ... but on A/C the tip kind of got jacked up at high amperage. I tried 1.5% and 2% lanthanated and learned that both work fine but the 2% lanthanated works great and even better on A/C. And For TIG inverters like the Miller Dynasty 200dx or the Lincoln Invertec v205t, it is Da shizz.

It holds up really well at high frequencies like 120-150 HZ. It stays sharp on DC too.

The only drawback is that is does not break easily...you have to cut it with a grinder.

But if there is anything to the caution about radioactivity, (I still haven't bought in) then it is definitely worth swapping over to lanthanated. Its a rare thing that a safer substitute works as good or better than the real deal.

Auto Darkening Helmets

There is no substitute for being able to see exactly where you are going to strike an arc with having to flip your helmet down. For experienced welders, it is second nature. But for hobby welders and weekend warriors, nodding the welding helmet is just on more thing to think about.

get yourself a good autodarkening helmet. For tig welding, you need a good one...one that is rated for low amperage or maybe even has an electromagnetic sensor that picks up even the lowest amp starts.

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