Tig welding vertical up

Hello, im trying to learn to Tig weld vertical uphill, but am not doing well. I cant seem to avoid under cutting. Any ideas? Also, what is your opinion of the Miller Diversion 165?

first make sure the metal is clean. hot rolled mill scale will cause undercut most everytime.

second, let cool between passes enough to touch without burning.

third, hold a pretty tight arc..a long arc tends to undercut

forth, make sure you are comfortable...

here is a video page on doing some vertical tig.

tig welding technique tips for tig welding practice

I think the diversion 165 is ok, but i hate the fact that the torch is hard wired in and you cant change it out easily....and its a big torch too.

its a good arc, and a good company, but they got it wrong on the torch.

best of luck,


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