Tig welding with silicone bronze

by Mike Sauce
(Arlington Tx)

I need to repair a English vintage race car chassis.It has been brazed together.I want to make the new welds look like the existing welds.Can I do it with my Miller Syncrowave 250 and use slicon bronze tig welding rod?

How do I set up the machine?

Thanks Mike



you came to the right place. I love to weld steel with silicon bronze.

There are 2 ways to do it.

DCEN settings just like steel works good,

AC setting like for aluminum will leave the weld looking like shiny new money.

try both on a scrap piece of clean shiny metal and you will see what I am talking about.

Since your syncrowave 250 has AC balance, set it to 10 and taper your electrode a little less than you would for steel

on DC silicon bronze flows pretty good, but on AC, it flows like butter.

hope this helps, we would love to see some pictures up in here....

thanks for the post,


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