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Tig welding with stick cables attached

by Dale Day
(Grimes Iowa USA)

I have a syncrowave 350 with about 40 feet of ground cable and 40 feet of stick cable hanging next to the welder. I also have the tig block hooked to the output along with the stick cables my question is will the added inductance of the cables affect the high voltage operation when tigging aluminum. And is it really necessary to ground the welder and welding bench with a ground rod near the welder through the shop floor.



this is my opinion only so take it for what its worth.

the extra cables might have a minor effect on your high frequency output,,,but I have done it before and so have a lot of others without noticing much of anything.

Same goes for the ground rod. I would venture a guess that more than half and up to 90 percent of folks do not use a ground round.

it really sound kind of like a CYA thing on the part of the manufacturer to make the FCC happy.

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