TIG welding

by Gary Carroll

I have been TIG welding in the aerospace field for 23 years. I have always practiced holding the torch no more than 10 degrees back hand. With this walking the cup method is there a chance of sucking air into the weld? Do you use a gas lens for this method? Thanks for the web site. Sure is nice to know there is a resource for information. I try to keep up on all the latest and greatest advancements in our trade.


Walking the cup is mostly useful for pipe welding.

It can be used sometimes on other stuff, but pipe welding is where it really works well.

Yes there is a chance of sucking air, but since the cup rests on the metal...usually inside a pipe beveled joint, sucking air is usually not any more an issue than it is anywhere else.

You can use a gas lens , but having several size cups is important and gas lens cups dont seem to come in many different sizes.

I walked the cup for years as a pipe welder before I ever saw a gas lens setup.

thanks for the post,


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