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tip for better welds and eye protection

by Keith Wright
(Tampa, Fl.)

The best way to see what is going on is to have the proper shade welding lens. I used to work for a shop where the application called for heavy duty dual shielding welding,flux core and gas on half inch steel.

A # 14 lens is the best for protection and seeing the depth of your puddle.

All the other guys would use a #12 since they make them in plastic,and would be lighter in their hood they will be flipping up & down all day.I would wear a glass #14 with a lot better results that saved my face at the end of a work week.

Newbs,would say its to heavy and how can you see where you are welding. The answer is simple,know what you are welding & pay attention to the puddle.

This goes for all types of welding and cutting.

The right shade will let you see the material better,all in all a simple solution to your well-being and quality work.

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