Tip on step pass running a 6010 root on V- grooves

by Jeff Mantooth
(El Dorado, AR)

When Using a 6010 or 7010 for the root running a step pass on V-grooves, I always make very small steps in and out to keep it tight inside the groove. Push the rod in there deep to ensure it ties in on both sides of the plate because you cant see whats happening on the back side of the plate. Run the amperage from 78 to 85 to get good penetration on both sides of the plate. Before you start the weld, be sure that when you tac it on both ends of the plate, you get the high-low out of it. When you bevel the plate, make sure you put no more than 1/8th inch of land on both peices. the gap should be no smaller than the tip of 3/32 7018 rod. when running horizontal, I use drag pass. I put enough pressure on the 6010 rod that it slightly bows inward. after the root is ran, use a 3/32 7018 rod for the filler. Run about 2 or 3 stringer beads inside the gap. for the cap use 3/32 as well and run 3 beads over the gap to ensure it ties in on both sides of the gap.

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