Tips for running a root pass with a 7018 3/32 rod...

by Copelan
(Brookhaven, ms)

Anyone got any helpful tips on running a rootpass with a 7018 3/32 rod on 3/8 test plate. I'm in a welding program and I'm trying to test out for shipyard. I'm spacing my root pass about the width of my rod. With a little landing and my rootpasses have been running up one side of the bevel and not tying in to ther side giving lack of penetration and cracks when the backing strip is washed off. I run my root pass at around 75 to 80 then a hot pass at about 85 to 90 then to filler beads then 3 or 4 beads for a cap. I need any good advice for the process any tips or tricks will be appreciated. HELP


jody here with a few tips,

with a 3/32" 7018, I would not use a land, and if the backing strap is 1/4" and the gap is specced at 1/4" use a 3/16" -1/4" gap and about 85-90 amps.

if the backing is 1/8" then the gap should be about 1/8-5/32"

keep a tight arc and as close to a 90 degree rod angle as you can

anyone else got any tips?

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