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tips,tricks to weld inconel

by hector
(tulsa oklahoma,usa)

i going to take test on 2"sch40 inconel.

i never welded inconel

i use stainles steel,carbon,duplex,copper nickle but no inconel.

so if you can help me thanks,

there are lots of different grades of inconel and one of the most popular is inconel 625.
it is over 50 percent nickel.

the main thing you will notice is that the puddle is more sluggish than stainless and it does not take much amperage compared to stainless or carbon.

here are a few tips:

• maintain a close arc length

• keep the hot tip of your filler rod shielded and snip it if it gets crapped up.

• use about 1/3 less heat than for stainless

• dont let it get too hot. let it cool plenty between passes.

• use as big a diameter cup as possible to get good argon shielding.

good luck with the test bro,


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