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Titanium CP1 Grade 4

by Tim
(Covington, La.)

I have a project to tig CP1 grade 4, 1mm thick on a motor bike exhaust. What type of tig wire do I use and do I have to use a pulsate mode. Can I use any other type wire on titanium. What is the best way to cut this material. Any other advice is appreciated.




you have to use a titanium wire. any other rod will be as brittle as glass.

cp or commercially pure titanium filler will is very common practice to weld various alloys like 6AL4V titanium using commercially pure titanium filler rod.

pulse tig will work but it not at all necessary.

the most important thing is to shield the back side of the weld with argon and to use a large enough cup to shield the weld area.
a tig cup of at least 3/4" inside diameter or one with a trailing shield attachment should be used.

a thin slitting wheel on a grinder will cut it, but it is hard to cut no matter what.
good luck,


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