Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter systems

Whats so great about Torchmate CNC plasma cutters?

There are a whole bunch of CNC plasma cutting systems available these days.

In my research for this article, I must have seen at least 20 different choices.

There are even some DIY plasma cutting kits available. But what I like about the Torchmate cnc plasma cutter systems is that they have been around longer than most since around 1980 when they offered the very first Torchmate shape cutting kit.

Torchmate systems can also be converted easily to use oxyfuel torches which work better for thicker steel. I really like that feature.

CNC plasma cutters can really help a metal working business to get more customers by expanding the scope of work that can be done and by opening up new markets.

Making metal signs is one area where cnc plasma cutting systems excel. Lawn art, HVAC duct work, Gears, custom chopper parts, miscellaneous brackets, ornamental iron, are just a few of many products that can be made.

Plasma cutters can cut practically any metal...stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel are the most popular materials used.

The company that sells Torchmate systems, Applied Robotics Inc. seems like a class operation. Anytime a company suggests you call a list of customers for honest feedback on the product, you can be pretty sure the product is good.

Torchmate CNC cutting systems is able to be competitive because of innovation in engineering and in marketing.They dont make their cutting systems unnecessarily beefy and they use standard components that can be purchased at Grainger, or McMaster Carr supply stores. Other companies use components that cannot be replaced except by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. That is a scary proposition considering the rate at which companies go out of business these days.

Some of the packages they offer are:

Torchmate 1 cnc plasma cutting system

Starts at $3,594.00 for a complete system less plasma cutter and PC. The kit requires about $450 worth of steel, which you purchase locally to save shipping costs. Estimated completion time is approximately 40 hours.

Torchmate 2 cnc plasma cutting system

You fabricate the rail system from about $400 worth of locally purchased steel (exact cost varies with your location). Kit completion time averages approximately 16 hours. A complete system can be put together for under $7,500 using your plasma cutter and PC.

Torchmate 3 cnc plasma cutting system

Priced at $7,795 for the 4' x 8' kit and $10,995 for the bolt-together finished machine, it includes totally different electronics than their other machines.

Torchmate X, XS, and XS2

Torchmate X pricing starts at $27,500 for a 5x10 system including your choice of complete turn-key water or downdraft table. The Torchmate X line is available in sizes up to a 10 x 40 foot cutting surface area.
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