Trouble tack welding aluminum

by Andrey
(Russia, Moscow)

Hi Jody,

sorry for my English
i just bought tig welder EWM Tetrix 230 ac/dc and making first steps in welding, and i having problems with tacking
two sheets of 1/8 or 1/4 aluminum together, the arc is jumping from one edge to another they both melting but not the same time.
something wrong

and how far apart should be the tungsten from surface



since you asked about tungsten distance, you are on the right track.

extend the tungsten far enough to hold a tight arc length. ....about the diameter of you tungsten.

also, something that can cause you arc to jump around like you describe is too much flow rate of shielding gas.

Turn it down and watch the arc stabilize. Its really amazing to see the difference.

keep adjusting down until the puddle is crappy, and then increase the flow rate just enough to make a clean puddle.

too much argon flow is like blowing an air nozzle on one side of a weld while trying to heat it from the other...

also, if one side puddles but the other one doesn't, let off amperage , direct tungsten to other side and try to get both members to puddle evenly and then stick the filler rod in to bridge the gap and join the tow pieces.

best of luck,

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