Tungsten quality?

by Allan L
(Adelaide, Australia)

Hi Jody,
Thank you very much for the great site – I am not only enjoying learning TIG welding from you but my progress is going well with the practical hands-on videos from your site. I find that if I watch the videos and then do the seat time, I am seeing a good result. When I make a mistake, I am finding the answers from your videos or writings. I am almost feeling guilty about the whole free experience .. ha ha hah!

I also purchased a couple of TIG fingers and they work as you say – very well!

My question for you:
Is there a difference in expensive Tungsten’s to cheap Tungsten’s.
I purchased some Chinese 2% lanthanum from Ebay and they appear to be OK but I was wonder if it is worth spending a few more dollars on some name brand Tungsten’s?

Best regards
Allan L



quality varies a lot. But I have only a few bad experiences even when receiving tungsten from all over the place.

Diamondground.com is supposed to have good stuff so if you are concerned, try them.

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