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u a weld test

by paul
(r i)

any tips for welding carbon steel with 309 for weld test? thanks for any help. great site.


Carbon steel pipe welded using 309 is a fairly common welding test. ASME section IX provides for this option and the contractor gets a lot of qualification for the effort by giving this test.

tips are

use a feather edge with no land.

clean the metal at least 1/4" back to clean bright metal using either a grinder, sander, or carbide burr,

tape the ends and tape a clear lens in the top so you can inspect the root with flashlight easily.

cut a cris cross pattern with a knife for a vent will open as necessary as you close the root.

use a 1/8" gap and make sure the purge is good before tack will probably need to tape up the entire joint, peeling the tape away as necessary to make tack welds and while welding.

I use the same technique for welding that I would for carbon steel.

watch this video to see the root technique.

since the pipe and filler rod in the video are carbon steel, there is no purge....other than that, the info applies to 309 filler also.

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