UCC-305 linde

by Rick Borges
(Hardin Ky)

I recently purchased this on ebay and won the bid for 350 dollars. It has a weldcraft watercooled torch (350a), foot pedal, homemade water cooler and the smaw electrode holder. I dont need a 300 amp smaw welder but i was wondering if you have any experience with this machine or any additional information - except that this is a huge heavy machine i could potentially recycle the cooper for twice the 350? specifically o would like to know the aluminum side and how you could control cleaning or penetration on this model. Its at the shop to get checked out to see if its a good unit or scrap, of course i was told the welder tig'd fine the last time used?
seemed good for single phase and 300 amps and 60% duty cycle - was supposed to include a bottle but the guy was pissed because i got it for 350 and said he made a mistake and it was a rental bottle?
Did i do good or bad - assuming it will check fine?


You did fine.

Its an old unit and will not have ac balance for aluminum but thats ok.

I prefer ac balance, but folks did fine without it years ago.

that thing is a tank. probably has 300 dollars worth of copper in it.

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