Up hill welding with flux core

I am going to have to take a 3G test for a job. I have not welded for a while and have never welded flux core uphill. I have been welding for a lot of years and am a pretty good welder but need advice on this test. Also, it is without a backing strap. Thanks, Jeff.


A common flux core plate test is to do it without backing, but then to gouge the root and back weld.

flux core uphill, like any uphill weld will crown too much if you are not careful.

stickout is important . stickout should be a bit more than for bare wire mig.

try to keep gun angle close to 90 degrees or a slight push.

using a slight rainbow shaped weave might help but dont go any wider than the test inspector allows and ask about bead width limit and other stipulations before you begin.

it might be all listed on a welding procedure spec (wps) but it might not.

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