using stainless rod

by noah hammond
(westminster md)

Jody i was told by a friend that he uses stainless rod to weld all of his 4130 and mild steel. Whats up with that. Is it ok to do or less cost effective. Thanks noah


There are lots of things that work but are not the best way always.

309 stainless is specifically designed to weld carbon steel to stainless and is used in nuclear plants for pipe welds joining carbon to stainless.

common sense would dictate that those welds vary quite a bit from the carbon side to the stainless side due to dilution from base metal...and they still hold up to pressure and thermal cycles for years...
so welding carbon steel or 4130 using 309 is not all that crazy.

for 4130, the 309 weld will not be as strong as using plain er70s2 .

and 309 costs about 4 to 5 times as much as plain old er70 carbon steel tig rod.

so yes, sometimes its less cost effective.

I just finished a video about using 309 to tig weld carbon steel when porosity is an issue...stay tuned

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