Walking the Cup and propping with a TIG finger

Walking the cup is a TIG welding technique that works great on pipe.

...both butt welds and socket welds.

When there is adequate space around the joint, it works great and usually provides a much more uniform weld than you can get otherwise.

But sometimes, there is no room.  There is stuff in the way that doesn't let you walk the cup.

...and Some industries dont even permit the cup walking technique due to the scratches it leaves on the metals surface.

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When Walking the cup is better

The great thing about cup walking is that you never have to prop your hand on the metal.

And that lets you weld long runs without stopping.

cup walking almost always lets you make a more uniform weld than freehanding.

But there are many many circumstances where walking the cup just wont work.

You need a certain amount of space to walk the cup and when making pipe welds in the field, sometimes there is stuff in the way. like other pipes, walls, pipe supports, you name it.

Examples where freehanding is the best method.

  • bump welding of anodized aluminum tubing
  • small bore pipe and socket welds
  • automotive repair
  • aluminum,stainless, or carbon steel handrails
  • 4130 tubing cluster joints
  • tool and die repair and injection mold repair
  • boat prop repair
  • building aluminum fuel cells
  • sanitary stainless tubing
  • food service kitchen work

Its hard to be steady when you knuckles are cooking.
A steady hand welds better!

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