Weaving on pipe

by Richie rich
(Baltimore md)

Im a pipe welder and was always wondering about this weave i always see as a cap. I have never seen anyone do it because it always on existing pipe thats already up witch i was not part of. They use it as a cap pass and to me it look like 6010. Its not smooth enogh to be 70 wire. I asked my boss about it and he realy didnt know but he said the same thing i did it looks like 60 wire. He said something about a downhill bowtie i dont know if he was just saying that cause he didnt know either or if thats realy what its called. It always seems to be on an old job they had some union welders in there. It looks pretty cool i been trying to figure out how to do it when ever i got the chance but no luck. It kinda looks like a sideways figure 8 to best describe it. If anyone know what im talking about let me know some details on it im realy curios to learn anything and everything about the trade. Thanks

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