Weld cracks

by Robert Mccoy
(Corydon Indiana)

OK nice site. Love it. Full of info.
Now the prob. I have an older Taylor Outside Wood boiler that needs repair. Im using a weldcraft 17v. scratch start on a hobart stickmate with 100% argon im also using 309 tig rods. Whats the secret of getting decent welds that holds that water in? Cracks form at the edge of the weld beads on the base as its cooling down..Im trying to fill up holes. Ive sandblasted all the places and still no luck.
Its a little thin in some places.Should I make patches from reg steel? maybe post heat? maybe pre heat since its cold here now? What do you think? Thanks Robert from Indiana..


It sounds like the metal has some form of stress corrosion cracking. (tiny cracks that are not visible until heat is appled) if that is the case, then nothing you do will prevent those cracks from happening as the weld metal cools and contracts.

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