weld penetration depth????

by mrshanker
(chennai, India)

100% weld penetration depth is sensible or not?

is there any standards for Weld penetration?

What min penetration depth is required (if two different thick plates are getting welded)?


100% penetration is necessary for full strength on butt weld joints, for fillet welds penetration into the root is important but 100% is not practical.

for thick to thin butt welds, penetration and cross sectional thickness of at least the thinner member is usually the goal.

standards differ by code as well as engineered design and service requirements.

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Dec 02, 2009
fillet depth spec
by: steve layne

Typically on fillets they call for a 1:1.4 Width/Depth ratio.. so if its a quarter inch fillet it the depth from the face to the root should be around 5/16's deep.

Dec 02, 2009
weld penetration
by: mrshanker

thanks for ur kind support,

can say the basic codes&standards for weld penetration?

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