weld test blues!!

by jared
(waxahachie texas)

Hey Jody
I took a weld test on 2" sch 40 carbon pipe with 309 wire. I used 1/8 wire. The guy who set my coupon set it at a 1/8 gap. I am used to running a 3/32 gap with 1/8 wire. Is that bad practice? The problem I have with my gap same size as my wire is my root literlly falls in and I end up with a root that is like 1/4 inch penetration and ragged. Reason I ask is it bad practice is a guy told me I will always fail an x-ray test with what I'm used to. So I Need help. I may get a chance to retest and I need to pass this time. What kind of amps do u recommend starting with on sch 40 2" carbon? Thanks




I like using a 1/8" wire for a spacer so that when my tacks are in, i have a gap that is slightly tighter than 1/8" ...not quite 3/32" but not quite 1/8"

that way, the 1/8" wire will not slip thru.

if a 3/32" gap works for you, I dont see a problem with that.

there will always be fit ups in the field where the gap is tight.
being able to make it happen either way is a good thing.

as far as amperage goes for a root pass using 309, about 90-100 should be close.

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