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Welder settings (tig)

by Dakota

I have a Thermal Arc Pro Wave 185TSW Tig welder. I am currently welding stainless tubing 1.25 O.D. with .065 wall. What is a good setting for the welder. I am using a brown tungsten electrode 1/16th and 1/16th rod and 100% argon. I was looking into pulse settings and just setting period and a good guideline to follow when welding all steels and would appreciate any help to make the welds look like they are machine done. Thank you.


First thing is to swap tungsten if you are using zironciated. Brown is usually zirconiated electrodes and that is for AC aluminum.

You may have something else since not everyone color codes alike....go figure.

you need either ceriated or lanthanated or 2% thoriated (be advised of supposed health hazards when using thoriated)

amperage will be a little less than one amp per thousandths of thickness for stainless.

if you are going to try pulse, you will need the machine set roughly twice the amperage as you would use without pulse.

you might try pulsing 3 ways.

slow pulse at around 1 or 2 pulses per second pps

30 pps

100 pps

the other 2 settings %time and background set to 30

slow pulse at 1-2 pps will give you the distinct ripples and let you get in a rythym while preventing heat from building up as much as without pulse

30 pps will flutter the arc and let you move the puddle at lower heat input

100 pps will focus the arc and pinpoint heat

of course, when you do this manually with a remote amperage, you tend to compensate without knowing it but you should still see a difference.

pulse settings for tig inverter tig welder settings part4

inverter tig welder settings part 3

inverter tig welder settings part 2

inverter tig welder settings part 1

hope this helps you,


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