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Way back around 1990, I decided to invest in myself.

I was working for Delta TechOps as an aircraft/engine parts welder and I really enjoyed the job.

But I had been selected to oversee a brand new training and certification program for hundreds of welders.

I needed to get my CWI ticket.

You would think a Big company like Delta would pay for the CWI class  but when I ran into resistance,  I decided to just pay for it myself.

So I burned my last week of vacation time and invested a few thousand bucks to get my AWS CWI (certified welding inspector) ticket.

I had to really swallow hard to write that check but I just knew I needed to do it anyway.

Fast forward a few months after I had tested and certified around a hundred welders...

Then came the day when an FAA inspector walked in to my office.

His name was Earl and he had a reputation for being a tough auditor.

After fishing thru my file cabinet and reviewing welders certification records he asked me one pointed question…

“So what qualifies you to certify all these welders?”

I showed him my CWI ticket and simply said “I am an AWS certified welding inspector”

Mr tough guy said “thank you for your time” and walked away.

End of Audit.  Never heard from him again.

Wow! was I ever glad I had that CWI card.

That CWI ticket also helped me get promoted to a Metallurgical analyst position...and that job allowed me to get my Senior CWI too.

And that opened lots of other doors for me.

looking back, I can trace it all back to a moment in time to where I decided to invest in myself.

The point is…None of us know what lies ahead.

All we can do is try to be ready for it.

Whether its spending thousands to get a CWI or only a few bucks a month to sharpen your welding skills, investing in yourself is key.

Are you investing in yourself? 

Are you getting ready for the next big thing?

The very fact that you are reading this tells me that you are interested in improving your welding skills.

Maybe you have a weld test coming soon and but you cant afford to go to a welding school, or maybe you can get a pay raise or a better job if you can learn to weld better.

Maybe you have been trying to get better on your own and you are finding it frustrating and your progress is too slow.

I have been making free welding videos for 13 years now but I am posting less frequently on Youtube these days

That's because my sons and I have created a new video platform called so that we can bring you more diverse premium welding videos made by real world craftsmen doing real world jobs.

Welderskills is a membership video platform with 11 carefully selected instructors who are at the top of their game and who willingly share the tips and skills that took them years to learn.

There are online welding courses now that charge several hundred dollars for welding courses that you might only need for a few months.

We decided to make much more affordable than those other online courses. is only 12.99 a month after a free 7 day trial.
And if you use the code JODY25, you can get 25% off the first 3 months.

And there are also organized courses inside that come right along with the 12.99 monthly subscription.

For example, I recently added an “Intro to TIG” course  with 17 short modules in a 123…ABC format that is designed to reduce frustration and also is designed to limit the materials needed. (metal is getting expensive).

 On welderskills, If a video needs to be 3 minutes, then its only 3 minutes. 

In fact, there are several 3 minute videos in the TIG course.

These videos get right to the point with no advertisements and no BS.

We just added live Instructor led Zoom calls too with Q&A sessions so that you can get your questions answered on the spot.


tig kits banner 1

The Videos just keep getting better.

Unlike YouTube, we can go back and revise videos and add new content based on user questions and comments. ( I have already made several improvements and added new content to the "Intro to TIG" course)

It has been amazing to experience the difference in attitude of folks who have real skin in the game and want to level up their welding skills.

We have made this subscription super easy to cancel too. No hoops to jump thru…just a couple of clicks.

So you can sign up with code JODY25 and get 25% off the first 3 months and you will have access to all of the 370 plus videos as well as the courses and watch them as often as you want…. and you can cancel anytime.

Of course, I am hoping you will realize the tremendous value of having access to some of the best welders in the craft and stick around to learn all you can.

"No One's Coming"

One of my favorite motivational quotes is the “no one’s coming” quote from Mel Robbins.

It goes something like this…

"No one’s coming. No one’s coming to push you; no one's coming to tell you to turn the TV off; no one’s coming to tell you to get out the door and exercise; nobody’s coming to tell you to apply for that job that you've always dreamt about; nobody’s coming to write the business plan for you. It's up to you."

 No one is coming to make you do the thing you know you need to do.

The bottom line is that Its all up to you.
Will you invest in yourself now?

Take the free Trial and immerse yourself in free for 7 days.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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