weldin aluminum boat

by troy

hull is .070 thick rib is .040 boat be 46 yrs old seen many owners holes everywhere someone thought they should mount something.

ihavent had any problems welding holes shut however tryin to stick down the rib to the hull hard part.

by the time i get a puddle goin the ribb has melted back 1/4inch.

tried puddlin hull first but ribb melts away then ribb first it still melts away before puddle gets to hull icant even seen to tac weld the two together by time weldin happins.....fidos butt as you say.

glops of crap i can weld both of em separate but gettin em together killin me


i am not sure i am picturing everything exactly right.

but here are few tips...

preheat the thicker part with a small propane torch immediately before welding.

make sure your argon flow is right and not to high and causing you to use a lot of amps...but high enough that you are not getting pepper in the puddle.

you might need to build up some little knobs on the thicker part with weld rod.and then use clamps or a helper to hold down the thin part before fusing the knob to the thin rib.

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