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welding 17-4 stainless to 17-4 stainless

by Tommy V
(L. I., NY)

I'm building a z-bar for my car, the arms are 1/4" thick and the tube is 1" od with a .125 wall thickness. I was wondering what rod I should use,(309,312,316etc.), and rod thickness! Any help would be greatly appre.
Thank u,
Tommy V


if you are welding 17-4 stainless, then why not use 17-4 filler metal?

If the 17-4 is heat treated, then the weld is not going to be as strong as the base metal.

you could also use 308 for that matter. you just need to make sure the design is such that the full strength is not depending on the welds. ie gussets and stiffeners or oversized fillet welds.

thanks for the post.

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