How to Weld a Broken Keyway

Question.....I am looking for a product an old timer used to rebuild a 1/2" keyway on Hollow Stem Augers. (H.S.A.)I believe it was 1/2" square stock of carbon? Anyway, He would lay this 1/2" Sq. stock of (Carbon?) in the keyway and lay a bead aginst the auger and (carbon?) the weld would stick to the auger and not the (carbon?) After cooling the (carbon?)would come right out and leave a nice straight edge. Then all was needed was some grinding and you had a nice rebuilt keyway. Therefore, my question to you is - Have you ever heard of this and if so, what is the product and where can I find it?

Thanks in advance.


Answer.. I know exactly what you are talking about...carbon stock or graphite stock works... I found some at McMaster Carr. it is called High-Temperature Conductive Graphite High-Temperature Conductive Graphite

* Color: Opaque black

* Max. Temp.: 800° F in air; 5,000° F in inert environment; low end not rated

* Machine using carbide tools

* Good temperature insulator

* Flexural Strength: 8,400 psi

* Compressive Strength: 18,500 psi

Great for fixtures for glass-to-metal sealing, heat elements, furnace parts, and other refractory applications. Isomolded to produce a very fine grain (0.0004") graphite, which gives you high strength and high density. Often used to manufacture crucibles or ingot molds because it does not adhere to metal. Premium sheets have an ultrafine grain size of 0.000005", which holds tighter tolerances over the life of the graphite. and here is the link to the site. Click here to go to McMaster Carr and see Carbon and graphite backing just copy the keyword phrase "High-Temperature Conductive Graphite" into the search bar and you should see it.

Best regards, JODY COLLIER leave the weld a broken keyway page

Another method for repair welding a keyway

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