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Welding a float shoe on P 110 casing

Can you weld on P 110 grade casing? I have 7 5/8" 29.7#/ft p110 casing and want to know if welding on it will cause the casing to crack. I have been told do not weld on this grade of pipe my 30 years in the oilfield. I have not seen any tec data on to weld or not to weld on it. Can you help?


Its not that you "cant" weld on it. But it will be prone to cracking.

That grade casing has enough carbon and other elements in it to cause it to harden and possibly be brittle from the heat and cooling cycles from welding.

kind of like welding cast iron except not nearly as bad.

depending on the application, it may or may not be ok.

for example, if you were going to use it for a pole for a fence and wanted to weld attachments on it, maybe it would be fine.

you definitely would not want to weld on it and use it for something like a lifting hoist

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