Welding Art and Sculpture at the Welding Rodeo....Where do I sign up?

Why didn't they have this junk when I was in Welding school?

Bellingham Technical College (BTC)

BTC's Welding Technology Program hosts what they term a "Welding Rodeo" which is a welding Sculpture Competition.

This Welding Art and sculpture competition allows for 10 teams, (each consisting of 4 people) to select scrap metal, design, and fabricate a finished sculpture in just 8 hours.

There are quality individual and team prizes for contest winners, as well as an opportunity to exhibit on the BTC campus.

The sculptures get auctioned off , with the proceeds to benefit the BTC Welding Student Scholarship Fund, the Welding Rodeo, and participating artists.

Sounds like a bunch of fun to me.

Remember the homemade Anvil? The guy is also a metal Sculpture Artist

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