Welding at 190 amps with a 150amp rated torch.

by Rick

Thanks again for answering questions. You've been very helpful. In a previous question that you answered you stated that for 1/8 (.125) aluminum you would use an amperage of around 180-190 amps ( 1.5amps per 1000inch of material). My syncrowave 200 came with torch only rated for 150 amps. Can I still use it for that thickness of material and would it be ok because 190 amps would only be used to form the puddle?



if its an air cooled torch, you will know if you go past the limit when the torch starts to get really warm...then its time to let it cool.

like you say, if you are above the rating for a short time to get a puddle, it probably wont get too hot and then you will drop back down after the metal heats up.


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