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Welding cert.

by Afton Judkins
(Huntsville, Ar)

I am confused about all the different types of welding test.

I am 24 yrs old and I am a maintenance tech. I am really good at mig, tig, and arc and i want to become certified so i can make more money...

what type of test do i need to take.

I love to weld i'm actually thinking about going to school at our local college for welding. but all these different tests confuse me... i want a cert that will allow me to do various things

thanks, Afton Judkins



There is no simple answer to anything to do with welding certification.

however, for structural type welding certification a common certification is a 3g and 4g plate test. Thats vertical and overhead.

a common thickness is 3/8" with a bevel of 22.5 deg.
a 1/4" thick backing strap is also common.

These 3/8" structural plate tests can be arranged at most AWS accredited test facilities.
for one in your area, you can look here.

AWS accredited test facilities

for pipe welding, it gets even more confusing.

you might have to get a job pipe welding in order to get certified.

or call one of the AWS test centers on the listings sheet and ask about a pipe test. Some are equipped to give pipe tests, some are not, some pretty much try to accommodate for any test requested.

hope this helps,


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