Welding current/voltage

by Jon Payne
(Calabash, CA)

If money is not a concern, is there any value in upgrading from a dynasty 200DX to a dynasty 350? I am a hobbyist (so speed in not important) and I typically do not exceed 0.250 aluminum. I do want to go up to 0.500 occasionally but I don't have a problem doing multiple passes. One side note, I do on rare occasion want to be able to weld 0.250 copper.

I do have a pretty good idea on how all this works so I guess the bottom line question is, is speed the only thing the higher power machine will bring working in the afore mention material sizes?

Thanks for your help. Great website.




Unless you were an aerospace welder, the Dynasty 350 will only benefit you with more power.

Its a Cadillac ...no doubt but unless you need the different waveforms for AC, and pulsing up to 5000pps,and fine tune settings like amplitude , It will be a lot of money spent just for more amperage.



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