Think Welding Hats are Lame?

Dont say it Outloud... You might get your Ass kicked.

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Welding Hats

You have got to have balls to wear a welding hat. I mean really, they have got to be the dorkiest looking hats out there next to the knit hats the kids wear with the little dangling balls on the sides. But These hats are very functional. Welding hats protect your head from welding sparks and when you turn the bill sideways and over your ear, the hat keeps fireballs out of your ear canal. (You know how important this is if you have ever had the misfortune of hearing your own earwax sizzling like bacon.)

welding hat

But seriously, welding caps are part of the welder’s uniform. The flowery patterns and the pointy top that looks like you could pack a lunch in it...

The funny part is the more flowery and outlandish the pattern, the better the hat. Skulls, half naked women, ducks, confederate flags, its all fair game.

I don’t really know the history of welding caps but it seems like pipeline welders started the whole thing with the need for a hat bill that could be turned to protect the ear from sparks and the extra space in the skull so that the hat could be pulled down tight and protect the whole head from welding sparks.

However they began, one thing is certain, they are here to stay.

Every welding supply sells them... and a lot of pipefitters, ironworkers, boilermakers, and sprinklerfitters wear them.

Even folks that don’t weld wear them because they feel good under a hardhat.

These days the biker do-rag is giving the welding cap a run but not everyone is a biker or wants the do-rag so I reckon the good ole welding hat is still number one.

And by the way, in case you are tempted to make fun of someone wearing a welding hat, DON’T!

Did you hear what I said earlier? I said Ironworkers, and sprinklerfitters! These 2 trades have some of the baddest asses around….you will definitely tote an ass whoopin if you make fun of the wrong guy.

You dont want a guy that climbs red iron all day or walks up an A frame ladder with a length of 4 inch pipe on his shoulder whoopin on your head.
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welding hats

But I Dont like Welding Hats, they look funny...take me home

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