welding monel pipe open root butt welds

by chad bressie
(houston mo)

what is the correct wps and any tricks or tips and how much and how much purge should i run ? and about what amperage and inter-pass temps and pre heat or no pre heat before i tack it ? and rap it or no rap when im done with the cap ? i have been welding for ten years as a cpw and tube welder and worked all over the us and never messed with this alloy your help would be greatly appreciated thanks jody


I have welded very similar alloys but never monel open butt pipe.

what i do know is that using as large a cup as possible along with gas lens will help because it keeps the tip of the rod from oxidizing.

on a sluggish puddle like monel, keeping the hot top of rod is very important.

a good purge on the root is also very important on monel not only for the root but to make the rest of the passes go better.

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