welding p 91 / 9 % chrome

I am welding 2 inch sch. 80. P 91 socket weld. I can't get it to do anything. What amperage should I be using. I am using er 90s b9 tig wire. Do you have any tips for this procedure. Im using a standard tig rig with gas lens. Pre heat to 400 before start. Puddle is like soldering copper with no paste., or it will weld good and bad then maybe good again.


I would estimate somewhere around 125---150 amps would be ok for the root pass. and about 100-125 for the rest.

it sounds like you are having argon gas problems.
like either a leak, or bad gas.

that stuff should weld great .

if your electrode is not staying shiny silver, go after the gas issue.

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