Welding Props

Shortly after I started my side hustle welding business, I got an order for 200 small round stainless parts.

200 stainless parts for food service that needed to look as good as possible was a tall order to do by hand without a turntable so...

I made a makeshift turntable out of a 10 speed bicycle for that first 200 parts but  after that I bought a used welding turntable with the money I earned.

To prop my torch hand using the turntable, I used to stack all sorts of blocks of aluminum and wood blocks, but eventually I learned that there were welding props available that worked better than stacking blocks.

Some call this type of prop a "wrist rest" or "hand rest".

It doesn't matter what you call it...It's a prop that helps you have a steady hand and be more comfortable.

Having a welding turntable or positioner is great but in order to get the most out of it, you also need a way to hold the tig torch steady.

It's even better if you can prop both your torch hand and your wire feeding hand.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that we recently improved our already awesome "stubby gas lens kit" to include more different size cups as well as a Furick 3/32" gas lens that works with Furick clear cups like the 8 pro and jazzy 10 clear cup as well as Furick ceramic cups like the jazzy 10 ceramic you saw in the video on this page.

More on Welding Props...

A Welding prop should be adjustable and let you prop both your torch hand and your wire feeding hand.

Not only will you get better results, but when you are welding hundreds of parts, you will be a lot less fatigued.

You can either make your own welding prop from the example shown in the first video, or if you don't have the time or right materials on hand, just order a Stronghand ARW16 Wrist rest  from weldmonger.com and save time.

stronghand arw16 prop
roys prop stand
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