by Jon
(Columbus, OH)

Is there a common rule of thumb about how many inches per minute of aluminum welding can be performed vs. CRS or Hot Rolled? It should be assumed that metal thicknesses are common.

ie. If you can weld 30" of CRS in a minute, how many inches of Aluminum can you do?

I'm trying to do some rudimentary estimating for a shop that has no data and the data I have is for CRS and Hot rolled. This isn't government work so "close" is good enough. Should I add 30%, 50%, double it?.....



my rule of thumb is about 7 inches per minute for manual tig all metals plus add for tack welds.

I dont think

probably around twice that for mig.

I worked for a guy about 15 years ago who figured jobs by the inch of weld...a buck per linear inch, and a buck per tack. Adding a buck per tack kind of equalized jobs that required any fixturing or fit up time.

He didnt get all the jobs, but he did ok on the ones he got.

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