welding stainless with a handler 140

by Kyle
(Salt lakeCity, UT)

I am welding 20guage stainless duct with a handler 140, my welds are coming out black. iam using .030 wire and and the lowest setting for the wire. but iam doubleing the wire speed to keep it from burning through. Iam using the tri-mix gas and i have at 30cfs. Is the wire too big for the duct or do i need to keep playing with it. i have welded stainless with stick and tig but nothing this small with mig. thanks for any help.


that setup should work ok...

i would suggest rolling that cylinder of trimix on the floor for a few minutes to make sure its mixed good. Scientists might claim its impossible for the gases to stratify but experience makes a good case for rolling the bottle.

also weld downhill and increase the flow rate a bit because all the helium is lighter than air.

you might also find that a longer stickout helps prevent burning thru.

hope this helps

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Nov 07, 2011
Stainless Trimix
by: Anonymous

try 20cfs with trimix you would be better off when I used trimix for thin stainless less CFS worked better.I would suggest using argon/CO2 98%/2% or 97%/3% and forget the trimix all together it's value on thin stainless is questionable.

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