Welding stainless with flux stock rods

by Dave
( Boston ma)

is it possible to use flux coated stick rods for tigging three and four inch 16g stainless tube to avoid back gassing, and what do recommend for cup size and or using a gas cup, tungsten size, and amperage. I'm a newb and I'm welding up a double wall exhaust on a boat for cooling purposes.thank you for your time and god bless.


i have seen info on flux coated as well as flux cored rods for stainless that is supposed to prevent sugaring.

here is a link http://www.weldingwire.com/applications/DocumentLibraryManager/upload/STAINLESS%20FLUX%20CORED%20TIG.pdf

my own experience has only been with something called solar flux and i was not very happy with the results.

A 3/32" 2% thor or lanth electrode sharpened and a #7 cup with about 20cfh of argon flow. 55-70 amps dcen will get you started

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