welding turntable

by Wayne Bergman
(Garden Bay Canada)

This is a work in progress. Pictured here is a little welding turntable I am making for fillet welding round tubing to flat. The aluminum rings are from the metal recycle depot and they are like a very heavy duty lazy susan with nice ball bearings to smooth out the spinning action. I have since found out Lee Valley Tools sells these spinning rings for around 65 dollars. I plan to use the foot switch from our prawn puller to spin the turntable in a controlled fashion. The little 12 volt motor was had from princess auto for around 12 bucks. The motor pivots on its bracket so spring tension can be applied to the bracket assembly to give the needed traction from the rubber wheel to drive the turntable. It works good but it will take some practice to get used to both feet and both hands working all at once doing different things.

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