Welding Video shows The 3 Tig Welding Tips that Matter Most

A Tig Welding Video that shows the 3 main things? Whats up with that?

When you are learning to TIG, its not 100 different things going wrong.

Its usually only about 3.

Watch this Tig Welding Video and you will understand why you need to pay attention to these 3 things.

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I am guessing that if you are reading this,  at least one of the next few statements describes you.

"I learn by getting my hands dirty."
"Just show me how and then let me try it."
"I have slight issues with authority and dont like a lot of rules."

(All three are true about me)

Another thing I am guessing about you is that you want to improve your skills.

Otherwise , why you you even be here reading this?

Well, you are in the right place because I am all about improving welding skills....Including my own.

That is one of the things I like about welding is that there is always something new to learn.....Always.

...and Videos are a very valuable tool for learning...I even learn from watching my own videos because while I am editing a video, I usually see something I didnt even notice while welding and shooting the video.

You miss a few things when you are wrapped around a camera, but when I watch later, I see new details...and its instructive for me too.

One thing I have learned after teaching people to weld for 20 years is...

We Welders are a different breed.

We typically learn by watching and by doing. Not just by reading.

In fact, you cant learn to weld by just reading.

You have to get in there and do it.

When it comes to welding, the best learning often happens just by looking over someones shoulder and then trying it yourself. Especially when the someone showing you is explaining things to you in plain talk.

Video often works even better than looking over someones shoulder.


Because with Video on DVD, you can replay key scenes as many times as you want.

when I was in welding school, I was lucky to get one or two hands on demonstrations per week.  The instructors were spread pretty thin back then and still are today.

I would have loved having a video to watch over and over to get me past those sticking points.

What is the one thing that makes all the difference in a good welding video?

Is it awesome graphics?  ripple dissolve transitions between scenes? A deep radio voice on the narration?

Not for me.

I have purchased several welding DVD's for myself and none of that stuff ever impressed me.

How about clear shots of the welding puddle and arc along with plain talk explaining what is going on?  Thats what makes for a good welding video.

If I can see a good arc shot along with an explanation and some basic machine settings, thats all I need.

I talked with a welding instructor recently who ordered several hundred dollars worth of welding training videos from an educational website.

The videos were horrible...He was so disappointed when he first watched them because of the college professors monotone narration and lousy arc shots.  His students hated them too so he put them in a drawer.

You wont have that problem with this Welding DVD.

I am no College Professor.

I am a welder.

I dont use fancy terms, and I hate overly complicated explanations of anything.

But here is what you can expect in this Welding DVD set...

Over 7 hours of welding videos showing all kinds of different types of welding tasks that were done in a real job shop over a 12 month period.
Arc shots that are instructive and explained by a regular guy.
a mix of carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum welding shots.

It took 4 DVD discs to fit all these videos.


So whats on these Discs?

scroll down and check it all out.

Disc 1: TIG Aluminum
1. TIG Aluminum Gap
2. TIG Aluminum 3G
3. TIG Aluminum 3F
4. 2G Aluminum Plate
5. TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 1
6. TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 2
7. TIG Aluminum Manual Pulse
8. TIG Aluminum Project
9. TIG Switch Techniques
10. HTP TIG Welder
11. Stainless Build-Up
12. Sanitary Tubing
13. TIG Multi-Pass

Disc 2: TIG Carbon Steel
1. TIG Steel Parts
2. Thin Steel Tube
3. TIG Bike Frame
4. TIG Pulsing for Steel
5. Scratch Start TIG
6. Socket Weld Chin Bar
7. TIG Steel Drill
8. TIG High-Strength: Part 1
9. TIG High-Strenght: Part 2
10. TIG Steel Clamps
11. TIG Thick Steel
12. Plier Mod Using TIG
13. Tungsten Review

Disc 3: MIG & 6G Pipe
1. MIG Boom: Part 1
2. MIG Boom: Part 2
3. 115v Flux Core
4. MIG Aluminum: Part 1
5. MIG Aluminum: Part 2
6. MIG Like TIG
7. MIG Inductance
8. MTS Machines
9. MIG Co2
10. Pulse MIG Project
11. 6G Test: Part 1
12. 6G Test: Part 2
13. 6G Test: Part 3

Disc 4: Stick & Projects
1. 6010 Pad
2. 6011 Welding
3. Heavy Stick Welding
4. Stick MTS
5. Uphill Stick Welding
6. 115v MIG Bumper
7. Belt Guard: Part 1
8. Belt Guard: Part 2
9. Jeep Bumper Kit
10. Plasma vs. Oxy
11. Jeep Bumper Stick Weld
12. 3rd Hand Project

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