Welding Videos - A review on a new tack welding system for headers and tubing

I love seeing innovation in welding videos like this.

What a simple idea and yet I can see how handy these things could be for complex bends in headers. Bending tubing can be a nightmare and you can easily wind up with a 55 gallon drum full of scrap if you are not careful. And you would have to be the best tubing bender in the world to make some of these bends right the first time. These tools should appeal to every red blooded American male on the planet.

Especially if you ever played with Legos as a boy.

The steel ring clamps are kind of like a miniature Deerman clamp that is used by pipe welders to fit pipe together. Again,a very simple idea, but so very effective and useful. Being able to hold 2 pieces of bent tubing together with one hand while you tighten the clamp with the other is hugely important for guys who work alone. Once the fit up is right, you lock it down and put a few small tack welds on it with your tig torch while the clamps are still on it because the clamps are designed so that a tig torch has easy access to the joint,

and then when everything is verified to be correct, you weld it all up.

The fact that the steel rings are adjustable to make sure good fit-ups are secured is great. That makes them useful for all kinds of welding applications including aerospace and aircraft welded ducting and instrumentation tubing.

These guys should market these welding clamps to the Aircraft overhaul market.

The way I am going on about this product, you would think I am advertising for it. I'm not. At least not yet.

If you contact them , tell them you saw it on weldingtipsandtricks.com . Maybe they will appreciate the business.

Here is the link to their site... icengineworks.com

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