Welding Videos on DVD

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I make been making welding videos since 2008.

This 2019 DVD set is the best yet and includes several 6010 open root and pipe welding videos that are worth many times what the entire DVD set costs. ( normal price without any discounts is $64.99)

I post most of them on YouTube but not all of them.  Some can only be seen here at weldingtipsandtricks.com or on my DVDs.


welding video dvd

You might ask..."why would I pay for a DVD when its free on YouTube?"

Well, its free right now, but I am in the process of moving some videos to other websites and some of my videos will be moved away from Youtube.

So get your DVD now and you will own over 7 hours worth of welding videos....A years worth of work.

You will not find this type of welding DVD anywhere else.

Some of the videos on this 2019 DVD set will definitely help you make money, pass a welding test, get a promotion, get a pay raise, and raise your skill level.

some of the videos are the type of weld joints you would do in welding school....others are real projects that came thru the shop.

Its real welding in a real shop and its casual...not professionally narrated like some personal hygiene video you saw in middle school.

welding dvd

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