What Helmet Lens for Tig Welding

by Tom

Hi Mr Welder

I am in Singapore on the other side of the globe and I love your website. Superb......!

My Question is what Lens should I be using for TIG Welding. I have a solar powered auto go dark helmet. Is that okay to use this type??

Cheers Tom


If you are not getting flashed from the lens going to light shade, the helmet you are using is probably fine.

The only problem I have had with tig welding using autodark helmets is when using inverter machines. Sometimes the helmet is not designed to sense the smooth low amp start arc.

My 50 dollar helmet from Northern works fine for everything except tig welding with my inverter.

Speedglas and Miller both make models that are sensitive to smooth low amperage arcs. If you ever upgrade, you might keep that in mind

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